Jewel of the South


Monroe Intermediate School is located approximately three miles southwest of the Alabama River.  The little school that boasts of grand accomplishments has been around since the 1940s; formerly named Monroe Junior High School.  After that, the beloved Jewel of the South took on the name Monroe Senior High School.  Regardless of the name changes, the mission of the little school located in the heart of the Packersbend Community; founded by Professor James Kidd, was to educate children from the Community in a facility that could be called “Home.”  Many challenges have arisen since the conception of the school that has become the very life of the Packersbend Community.  Many of these challenges brought forth humiliation, tears, and even anger.  But since the Little Jewel of the South’s mission from the very start was clear and unwavering, the school that is near and dear to the hearts of all those who truly love it; has persevered and weathered many tumultuous storms and has kept its pride intact.

Monroe Intermediate School is by far the smallest school in Monroe County.  With an all black student population totaling around 80 students/grades K-8 and with 99% of the students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, striving for excellence is still not an option.   

With the challenge of being small comes the challenge of being oftentimes forgotten.  Considering all the challenges that The Little Jewel of the South has to face, it still manages to consistently maintain academic excellence and provide experiences for its students in the areas of travel, sports, clubs, and organizations.

Monroe Intermediate School may be small in size but is big in heart, perseverance, and excellence.