About Us

In an effort to educate students in a way that prepares them meet the challenges of each level of their learning experience with absolute success, Monroe Intermediate School has several strategies in place:

  1. Since data drives instruction, the use of data is used to plan instruction, intervention, and enrichment for our students.  This data is derived from Standards Based Instruction that is engaging and focuses on a variety of learning styles.  Both Formative and Summative Assessments are used to provided to obtain data and target instruction for students provided by Highly Qualified teachers.  

  2. Some of our Project Based Learning experiences include:       Passive Solar Green House and School/ Community Garden Project (PACERS):                                                                                       Students are afforded the opportunity to obtain experiences and knowledge from Summer and Winter Solstices to the appropriate proper pH balance (balance of alkaline) of water to sustain life in Monroe Intermediate School’s Aquaponics System.            Community Documentation (Preserving History):  Students’ communication skills are enhanced by actually going out into the community and interviewing the elders while gathering written documentation of events and notable happenings that make their community unique. They not only gain academic and social skills from asking questions, but they gain diction skills as they are interviewed by people as far away as Norway! (PACERS)